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Intercom Systems

Intercoms act as an extra layer of security on a door, gate or barrier. They are a two-way communication device that allows you to speak without having to open the door and can also be implemented with your locking system so that you can open the door to them remotely. This is particularly useful if you live on multiple levels but can also prove beneficial within all types of homes / Apartments.

Most modern intercom systems now hold smart features and allow full control of the intercom system through a smart device, allowing for remote door management from anywhere in the world.

Intercom Systems to Suit your Needs

There are various types of home intercoms and where they differ is in how they are connected to power the two-way communication. Some of the most popular types are:

Wired Systems

Wired home intercoms are hardwired into your home and usually require more installation work, sometimes even construction.

Wireless Systems

Wireless home intercoms do not require any hardwiring. Like their name suggests, they work wirelessly by connecting via a radio frequency, WIFI or 4G data signal. Due to not needing to be wired, wireless intercoms are usually much easier to install.

Audio only Systems

Audio only intercoms allow you to verbally speak through the intercom system. You can therefore identify who is at your door and remotely open your gates or door to them with a press of a button (or a tap of a smart device). However, you won’t be able to visually see the visitor to confirm their identity.

Video Systems

Video Intercoms include all the audio features of a usual audio intercom system, but also include a camera on the exterior of your home or gate that allows you to visually see the visitor at your property. This allows you to identify and verify who is at your home without needing to open the door, as well as see any suspicious activity of anyone who comes near your front door, due to inbuilt motion sensors.