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From supply and installation to commissioning and required annual servicing, we offer expert guidance on all facets of fire-fighting equipment.

Our bespoke service contracts are designed to accommodate a wide variety of premises, from a single fire extinguisher to an entire site outfitted with specialized units. We strictly adhere to the standards set forth in BS5306-3, and our team of engineers is not only fully trained but also highly qualified, ensuring the highest level of service excellence.

Our contracts cover the full range, from individual extinguishers to complex arrays of specialized equipment. Meticulous assessment, careful selection, and precise installation of this equipment can make the difference between safety and disaster, even life and death. We provide expert advice, comprehensive training, and proficient servicing from the very beginning to ensure absolute compliance, maximum safety, and the utmost peace of mind for you and your premises. 

Why do Fire Extinguishers need to be serviced?

It is the responsibility of the business owner to arrange regular servicing of your fire extinguishers. The servicing and maintenance are an essential part of any fire protection system – should there be a fire you need to ensure your fire prevention methods will work. Fire extinguisher servicing should be carried out once a year to the standards imposed under BS 5306-3:2009.

What is included in our Fire Extinguisher Service?

  • Service fire extinguishers to current British Standards BS 5306 Part 3
  • Replacement of all Hose & Horn washers
  • Check Weights & pressures on store pressured extinguishers
  • Check water levels & cartridge weights on cartridge operated extinguishers
  • Discharge tests & recharges where required
  • Remove any extinguishers that cannot be brought to relevant standards & replaced when authorised
  • Recommend appropriate firefighting equipment if your site is not adequately protected
  • Show the operation of your portable fire equipment on site
  • We ensure fire extinguishers are in the right place and are securely fixed to the wall or on stands with identification signs fitted
  • Provide a certificate of inspection with details of work carried out.